Do You Know Your Brand’s Key Attribute?

Do You Know Your Brand’s Key Attribute?

One of the enduring challenges in premium CPG innovation is that the founder(s) are usually category geeks. This makes it very hard for these founders to accept that even their early fans may not be so geeky.

Fans may routinely gravitate to a specific attribute embedded in your offering. Differing groups of fans may gravitate to different attributes. This is often very true when no professional branding or marketing has tried to filter and isolate a specific, high-value attribute-outcome signal. 

My first online course literally teaches you how to figure this out. If you are thinking about refreshing your brand, then please, please spend some time speaking with and surveying your fans so you can properly think through the key attribute(s) that a) are driving repeat purchase and b) that you want to highlight to all newcomers. 

Good branding and marketing execution act like a magnifying lens pointed at specific behavioral drivers leading to habitual, enthusiastic repeat purchases.  

Every Skate Ramp founder needs to become their own brand’s symbolism expert of sorts. It’s possible. The results are repeatable. Many case studies prove the value of doing so as early on as possible. 

Dr. James Richardson

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