The Growth Formula Not in My Book

Now please don’t tell anyone (!), but this post contains THE top-secret formula to Ramping Your Brand. 

OK, that was sad clickbait. But there’s a serious point I want to share today… 

I recently found a way to summarize the components of an exponentially growing consumer brand…in a cutesy formula, of course. And, as it often happens with writers, I did it after I published the book.


So, here goes! 

Where I find new CPG founders rush to conclusions is in the design phase.

Often the first shippable iteration took so long; they just want revenue, revenue, and more revenue.

While it’s possible to pivot significant elements of your design once into the seven figures, this is more a rich person’s game. Spindrift did it, but Bill Creelman was already a wealthy serial entrepreneur before he started the business.

I’d much rather see bright, scrappy CPG entrepreneurs pace their scale enough so they use online and local retail sales to learn more about their fans (or if they even have any at all) and how to optimize their packaging and formula to create more. 

As always, stay safe.

Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]