Are You on the Ramp? Let’s See….

Here it is. It’s no secret of my business. I put it in my book for everyone. If you want to grow exponentially until you scale past $100M, then hit these KPIs:

  • formula-anchored product design modernizing the fulfillment of a mass consumer outcome with premium attributes
  • 75%+ YoY growth for at least three years
  • no near-term velocity slow-down
  • 25%+ annual velocity growth for the past three years with no near-term slow-down
  • paced distribution gains forcing you to optimize your out-of-store playbook to drive velocities
  • staying below 5% ACV in the first $10M of ARR and below 30% ACV in the first $100M

Extra Credit

  • build the business in your own facility with a technical process unavailable to co-manufacturers (or way too expensive for them to gamble on)
  • owned media channels (e-mail and social) generate not only comments but lots of shares
  • not using paid media/influencers to generate these results

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Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]