The Power of a Fresh Pair of Eyes on Your Business

Strategy consultants are easily mocked as those who teach but can’t do. Yet, their power was never sold to you as executional. Consultants add the most value simply by being a professionally trained external set of eyes emotionally detached from ALL of your prior decision-making.

When they look around your business and your playbook, the smart ones can see where you’re deviating from best practices or losing strategic discipline in your execution.

In a time like this, optimizing everything matters more than in the good ‘ole days of easy money and low-interest rates (which allow you to bury sub-optimal decisions by funding inorganic growth). 

It takes guts to hire a consultant.

Yes. I get it.

But there’s a reason that seasoned pros keep hiring folks like me. They understand that once you get too close to a business and too wedded to prior decisions, you develop blind spots. You need someone to come and challenge received assumptions and point out what you’re missing. 

Founders and CEOs committed to lean, cash-efficient businesses need to know what is working and what is merely wheel-spinning.


So, they can double down on tactics that are delivering results. And scrap the rest. 

This is where the benefit of an external advisor’s hard-won pattern analysis can help you clear out the cobwebs in your playbook, especially as it grows in budget. 

Plus, it could be fun, like this picture. Just don’t hire a paid advisor in a state of panic. You will not be able to absorb what they’re telling you, and you won’t be able to focus on the long game. 

Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]