Holidays-Reflection-Stepping Back

One very common, under-discussed behavior on American holiday weekends? Re-examining one’s life. It happens quietly a lot, sometimes in open conversation as well. 

What is usually going on is a fiery debate over priorities. And how much harder you want to push your top priority anymore.

Which, sorry to say, is almost always ‘work’ if you’re reading this on LinkedIn. 

You probably worked on your business almost every day this past weekend. A few hours a day at least. It’s practically unavoidable as an entrepreneur in the early Phases at least. 

As someone who has made career changes in the past, one of them drastic, I can tell you that you have to spend time reflecting if your mental health is suffering right now. Depression is a classic sign, not of weakness but of central social identities in conflict or disarray. 

Modern urban citizens are happy and well-adjusted when their work and family identities are strong, confident, and healthy. If either is a source of massive distress, it’s time to step back. You may even benefit from professional help getting past your own B.S. 

Your loved ones will have noticed if you have been depressed all weekend when socializing makes 99% of people happy. Listen to them. 

Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]