Launch Day! My New Book is Out!

It’s here! My alter ego – James, the relentless anthropologist – has released his new book!  You may want to read it to understand how we got to a society where –

  • Snacks continue to be a huge growth sector
  • How youth-oriented recreation (and event marketing) became huge
  • Why it is so easy to break from family eating traditions
  • Why we consume the next new thing with slight nudges
  • How we keep family out of our consumer choices so easily

And more! 

We are all settlers on our own personal frontiers. 

But it didn’t turn out so great for everyone. 

Individualism is fantastic for high-growth consumer economies. But it leads to a very different emotional journey – an often chaotic one for an affluent society where you would think life would be stress-free. Hardly.

Check out Our Worst Strength: American Individualism and Its Hidden Discontents now. And if Kindle is more your style, click here

Dr. James Richardson

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