2nd Edition of Ramping Your Brand

Last week, I asked folks on LinkedIn to suggest additional content for a larger, updated second edition of Ramping Your Brand; there were some excellent ideas.

As of now, I’m looking to add two chapters:

  • The Founder’s Role Across the Phases – This chapter will explore how founders shift from overworked generalists to strategists to charismatic leaders of specialist experts.
  • Designing a Business Model for Skate Ramp Growth – In what appears to be a permanently new and low funding environment for Phase 1-2 brands, this chapter will outline what I consider to be the financial principles to seed a CPG launch in order to give it enough time to iterate and succeed. The assumption, proven again and again in the market, is that most Skate Ramp brands iterate to take off.

There will also be updated case studies of Skate Ramp brands that utilized this growth path since the original publication (or which scale after I had the manuscript finished). Potentially, an Appendix with valuable case studies across various categories. What will not be included is hyping DTC growth or online sales or premature fund-raising.

Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]