About Dr. James Richardson.


Cultural anthropologist. Strategy consultant. CPG expert.


I’m here to democratize access to best practices in early-stage brand growth.


BigCo paid me a lot to learn this stuff, but I don’t think they should have a monopoly on it.
Look, I’m a fighter and a founder too.


Crack a beer or pour some wine and listen to my founder story below.


I think you’ll enjoy it.

Transcript of Dr. Richardson’s Story:

I began my career as a cultural anthropologist specializing in South Asia. I look on it now as my personal bootcamp. Three years by myself in Southern India. I studied Tamil and spoke it every single day. I loved almost every minute of living in India, except the three times I was almost killed by strangers. Oh, well.


My academic expertise is in shared symbolism and how people use it publicly to create specific social impressions. As a result, I learned never to take anything people say at face value. I also learned early in my career that we are all horribly unreliable narrators of why we do what we do.


After I jumped off the tenure track in 2002 at very high speed, I entered the world of corporate market research at a boutique firm specializing in emerging health and wellness trends that were just beginning to affect consumer packaged goods. My first client was Whole Foods Market. I spent hours in their stores all over the United States, studying shopping behavior, but more importantly, learning how ordinary people became core Whole Foods Market shoppers. You know who I’m talking about, right? The people who fill carts there. Spending four to six times more than the average person on groceries is something that takes a little bit of an explanation, don’t you think? I do, especially when the folks involved are not rich.


As the Hartman Group became more and more knowledgeable and recognized, I led the creation of their strategy consulting practice. We worked with top executives at the big public strategics. I helped teams take advantage of emerging behavioral trends and also cutting-edge growth strategy techniques.


Starting in 2011 my team and I focused hard on deconstructing the patterns behind the premium consumer packaged goods (CPG) that had beaten the odds and scaled to nine figures and beyond. In 2017, I left my executive position to enter the private markets and help fast-growing premium CPG brands directly. My mission is to democratize access to the best practices I’ve gathered. I don’t think big companies should have special access to this important information.

Dr. Richardson is a professionally trained cultural anthropologist turned business strategist with nearly 20 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. His expertise lies in crafting exponential growth strategies for today’s hottest new consumer startups. Dr. Richardson has helped more than 85 CPG brands with behavior-based strategic planning, including brands owned by Coca-Cola Venturing and Emerging Brands, The Hershey Company, General Mills, Kraft Foods, ConAgra Brands, and Frito-Lay as well as emerging brands such as Once Upon a Farm, Peatos, Ithaca Hummus, Mother Kombucha, Rebel Creamery, zaca recovery, and others.

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