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Understanding Your Fans

Unlike B2B sales or high-ticket (i.e.research-heavy) consumer categories like cars, everyday consumer brands do not have a real ‘consideration’ phase in the marketing funnel. At least one you can intervene in separately from awareness building.  It’s not that there is no thought process or filtering of

What Happens With Low-Quality Awareness

The two master marketing KPIs are awareness and household penetration. If you aren’t moving both consistent with your communications, it’s time to iterate.  The problem is more subtle when you succeed in building awareness just fine, but household penetration doesn’t grow afterward.  It’s a thing. It really

Do Your Investors Have the Right Time Horizon?

On a webinar hosted by Gary Hirshberg in 2020, Wayne WU of VMG Partners pointed to a common problem before the pandemic. "[Brands chasing a pre-determined exit] are generally not the best brands to invest in because … they haven't focused on surprising and delighting

From Founder to Brand Manager

This post is a blatant plug. Not sorry, because I rarely do it. My course sales are up 80% this year! You don’t care, but there’s a reason I uncovered.  In talking with B-school professors and founders, I realized that my courses hit a gap in

Beware the False Mentor

The average mentor you have available to you charges nothing. So, they don’t have a great incentive to mentor well unless they already know you. Altruism will cause them to have a good attitude, but that’s about it. It’s hit or miss, especially if they aren’t

Timing Matters, So Be Early, Not Late

I shared a great article on LinkedIn about some research done by the least well-known Silicon Valley investor - Bill Gross. His investigation of why his own firm's investments fared so much better in terms of scale/durability than startups out of his reach might

Former Brand Managers Should Be Founders, Not Employees

Steadily over the past decade, more and more alumni of BigCo public CPG firms have entered the early-stage CPG arena. I have discussed elsewhere why most of them struggle to fit in and eventually leave the sector.  Most are marketing and sales staff looking for a

The Antidote to Stakeholder Indifference

I’m pretty harsh about various stakeholders you’ll encounter on this blog and my podcast. Suppose you re-read or re-listen to my commentary, though. In that case, you’ll notice that all I do is point out patterns of behavior that work against an undercapitalized CPG business and

Online Grocery is Flat – But Not for Long Folks

Online grocery is displaying very low YoY growth for the second quarter. If you factor in inflation, it’s slightly negative in $ terms. But we’ll call it a flat sector in 2022.  But I don’t believe this will stay so for the long-term trend. Why?  Timesaving is sticky

Why You Need to Avoid the Wrong Consumer

If you hang out with old-school sales pros from the natural products industry, you will often encounter a belief that distribution (in the right locales and channels) is all you need to grow with an ‘incremental’ product. They are used to low EBITDA businesses that