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Are You on the Ramp? Let’s See….

Here it is. It’s no secret of my business. I put it in my book for everyone. If you want to grow exponentially until you scale past $100M, then hit these KPIs: formula-anchored product design modernizing the fulfillment of a mass consumer outcome with premium attributes75%+

The Class Asymmetry Between Investors and Founders is Real

Most founders are educated, but they are not high-net-worth individuals. They may know rich folks. They may have gone to school with them, but they are not from that lifestyle. What lifestyle? One in which people don’t look at the price of most consumer goods, their housing,

Disappearing End Cap Space for Emerging Brands?

I don’t have the means to conduct a randomized survey of chain endcaps. But I track changes over time in some diagnostic retail locations in upscale zip codes oriented to premium CPG buying. It’s no secret that shelf space has shifted back toward market-leading, non-premium brands

Why Default Scanner Data Won’t Help You

Scanner data companies like Nielsen, IRI, and SPINS love to default to Year-over-Year (YOY) time comparisons. Against every possible metric they have. Why?  Because this involves the smallest amount of data released to any paying client, and it’s the least valuable possible information. It’s like the trailer

Marketing ROI for Dummies – Part Two

(This is a continuation of Monday’s disturbing post).  So, it’s now time to get constructive about measuring ROI(return on investment) in marketing. And it's not about the standard of your sales team or finance.  You need both a smarter and more realistic way to measure impact. Or,

Marketing ROI for Dummies – Part One

Virtually ALL marketing loses money in the near term. The only exception I know of is a DTC brand we all know well. IT may or may not be on the home page. This wunder brand generated 5-10x return in terms of monthly unit sales,

The Why, How, and When of Measuring Awareness

It is a truism in consumer marketing that you have to build awareness in consumers’ minds, or else your retail distribution will underperform. Today, consumers are overwhelmed with signal noise coming from multiple screens and sources that didn’t even exist when I was a kid in

Why I Wrote Ramping Your Brand

In the first two years of my ‘business,’ I bounced around in the chaotic, awkward process of finding the right services to offer the early-stage CPG community. I went to everything. I charged a minimal consulting fee simply to get deeper interaction with founders. I

The Key Question to Ask Your Fans

Understanding why your fans love your brand is essential to creating a quality playbook for exponential growth. Understanding who they are is less important but critical to critical aspects of execution. Founders new to consumer-packaged goods often focus only on who loves them and assume they understand why they do.   In CPG strategy, who is like the soil in your garden. Don’t think of who is like a giant mosh pit of disconnected individuals.

Don’t Use an Accelerator as a Co-Founder

CPG accelerators exist now in most major markets; many operate attached to commercial kitchen operations. The best have credibility with distributors and local retail chains, credibility that can rub off on you if you secure a spot. What I continue to see that concerns me is