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The Problem with Growing Too Slowly

Although I caution against chasing unicorns, this is not meant to validate any brand’s growth rate in the single digits, YoY. This slow growth rate may be in line with the premium CPG sector overall, and it may be much faster than commodity brands in

Don’t Go National Before You Read This

Exponential growth does require you to add distribution. Your growth will ultimately be composed of a mix of distribution gains and velocity increases. You just don’t want your growth to be led only by distribution gains, i.e., positively correlated only to growth in %ACV and

Why are My Velocities So Unstable? Is it Just Me?

Many new CPG founders get very concerned at the highly unstable, week-to-week velocities and month-to-month sell-in volumes for their product lines. The fear is heightened once you are inside a significant chain. I get it. But here’s the thing. This is entirely normal. It’s like

The Growth Formula Not in My Book

Now please don’t tell anyone (!), but this post contains THE top-secret formula to Ramping Your Brand.  OK, that was sad clickbait. But there’s a serious point I want to share today

Why the Transition to a B2C Business is Hard But Critical

So many founders, early on, get sucked into what I would call a distributor first mentality, all hail the distributor. And that is because it’s often the only way into many of the retailers that you have available to you in your local area, and

Why Public Firm Alumni Make Bad Start-Up Employees

General Mills just laid off thousands of folks, hundreds in their corporate HQ. This will continue among public CPG firms as these companies are still overstaffed in many functions, especially marketing. And despite the pandemic surge, they’ve returned to stagnancy.  This Wall Street tale doesn’t concern

Working with Experts in Your Industry

If you have investors on board, you’ve already heard them suggest this or that ‘industry expert.’ Usually, they’re referring to a business generalist, an industry savant whom they know well and who can offer general strategic guidance.  These ‘experts’ are not agencies in that they don’t