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Don’t Hire a Marketing Director Before You Read This

Founders: before you hire your first marketing director, please read Allan Dib's classic, no shiny objects allowed, book on marketing planning. Like me, he is an experimentalist. All successful pros are experimenting with their consumer communications. It's effortless to waste money on campaigns. So be

Ramping Sales of Ramping Your Brand

OK. Maybe not precisely exponential growth yet. But, in the book business, where most business books sell less than a few hundred copies and the sales end after six months, RYB is doing OK. Good even. As of Sept. 30, I'm up to 1,800 lifetime

After Soy, Almond and Pea, why did Oat Milk Win?

When I tried oat milk seven years ago, I knew it would overtake most of alt-dairy. I've tried every possible alt milk there is. Most make me gag. In the world of alt milk, a couple of things are essential- 1)superior sensory experience with 2)

Do Your Investors Have the Right Time Horizon?

On a webinar hosted by Gary Hirshberg in May, Wayne WU of VMG Partners pointed to a common problem before the pandemic. "[Brands chasing a pre-determined exit] are generally not the best brands to invest in because … they haven't focused on surprising and delighting