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NEW! Effective Consumer Marketing for Founders – $695


In this unique course, I outline the cutting-edge behavioral theory behind effective consumer marketing campaigns, how to organize your thinking before hiring agencies, and think through marketing playbooks based on the Phase of development. I also walk through your best practices for effective creative. Finally, I teach you how to measure campaign effectiveness using the right KPIs for fast-growing brands. $695 for all three sessions and lifetime e-mail follow-up with Dr. Richardson.

Praise from PGS Students:

“Beautiful work about what a strategic creative brief should be, what marketing is, and an analytical step-by-step guide about how and when to invest in marketing (and when not to!). Thank you James!”

Marie Krane, Founder of Tomato Bliss

“Dr. Richardson’s course is loaded with amazing “a-ha” moments and tactical solutions to the most existential challenges early-stage CPG entrepreneurs face – a true game changer that’s given me clarity of focus & confidence that I’ll be successful.”

Phil Gross, Founder of BETWEENER Hydration Seltzer

“Dr. Richardson’s sage advice and training is the foundation of the playbook we’re building our brand on. “

Julie White, Founder of Bossa Bar

ON DEMAND Scrappy Consumer Research for Founders – $495


Understanding your fans is key to any good strategic plan. This 3-Part online course explores the fundamentals of 1) Research Design, 2) Data Collection, and 3) Data Analysis/Interpretation for CPG founders who need behavioral insight into why their repeat buyers keep coming back. Includes discussion of specific tools, when and how to bring in outside expertise, and a free survey template to use with your own fans. Register now for the entire on-demand series. $495 for all three sessions plus life-time e-mail follow-up w/Dr. Richardson.

Praise from PGS Students:

” Scrappy Consumer Research is a staple course for any CPG entrepreneur. It gifts you time-tested methods for finding out the KEY insights from your top consumers. A must-take course!”

Sam Nebel, Co-Founder of Good Wipes

ON DEMAND Scrappy POS Analytics for Founders – $695


Mastering the use of POS data is key to good strategic planning in consumer packaged goods and effective retail buyer meetings. In this course, you’ll learn how to: 1) Set the Right Goals, 2) Order Data Correctly, and 3) Analyze/Utilize POS Data in some key scenarios. Real Nielsen data is used throughout. You’ll master all the basics, feel more comfortable with this kind of data AND learn a few advanced tricks from the pros. $695 for all three sessions and lifetime e-mail follow-up with Dr. Richardson.

Praise from PGS Students:

“This course was amazing. So much stuff no one ever explains. I need to watch it five times!”

Nathan, Founder of Sans Meal Bar

“Dr. Richardson’s stuff is gold.  All of it.  This Scrappy POS Analytics Course helped us identify that the velocity growth we needed to see just wasn’t there, part of the impetus for our channel pivot, which now has us on the right track and in a much better spot!!!

Sean Folkson, Founder of Nightfood

The Brand Management Bundle – $1695

If you’re growing fast and want to learn all of this material, please consider a discounted bundle of all three courses. Your VIP discount code will also work on the bundle, giving you a total of 30% off the normal price of access. This bundle also gives you a lifetime e-mail follow-up with Dr. Richardson to clarify course contents. Your registration link will also be perpetually available.