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On Demand Webinars


These are my two most popular founder webinars. Whether you’re just starting out or a few years in, please carve out some time and enjoy this content. And let me know what you think.

Free! Learn the top 10 most common mistakes new CPG founders continue to make (yikes!) that can cost you money, time, even the existence of your business. Totally worth it.

If you’ve read my book and agree that the consumer is the foundation of good early stage strategy, then take this 2-hour webinar, now for just $25. Learn how to plan and measure your growth like a boss.


Building off of my book Ramping your Brand, these courses will train you, step-by-step in key analytical skills necessary for riding the Skate Ramp effectively. I hope you enjoy them.

Course #1
Scrappy Consumer Research for Founders

Understanding your fans is key to any good strategic plan. This 3-Part online course explores the fundamentals of 1) Research Design, 2) Data Collection and 3) Data Analysis/Interpretation for CPG founders who need behavioral insight into why their repeat buyers keep coming back. Includes discussion of specific tools, when and how to bring in outside expertise and a free survey template to use with your own fans. Register now for the entire on demand series.

Course #2
Measuring KPIs in Scanner Data (coming Q4 2019)

Getting Up and Running

Suggested Resources for Operational Success

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Essential go-to-market information on distributors, brokers, sequencing accounts, when to go national, etc. Abigail is a seasoned sales executive who has seen every possible screw-up.

This is a sleeper reference for anyone who insists on running their startup as a professional fast-growth experiment. Kathleen covers all aspects of new venture planning, including how to manage risk and not to over plan. Better than your MBA, if you’ve never run a startup before.

This is both a live course and a textbook produced by the Specialty Food Association. This is literally the highest ROI reference material you can get as you set up your initial P&L, and pricing ladder to the shelf. It will save you lots of headaches and cash flow disasters as a newbie. The course is offered the day before each Fancy Foods show (January and June). $200 for the course and the textbook. $160 for textbook itself, if you’re already an SFA member.

Leadership Coaching

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Sales and Negotiation

99 Negotiating Strategies by David Rosen

To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

Working Effectively With Agencies

Elements of a Good Creative Brief  (coming soon)