WEBINAR Riding the Ramp – Strategic Planning for Exponential Growth – December 4, 2020


If you’ve read my book and want to build a competitive strategy that increases your ability to achieve and sustain exponential growth, then you should join the next cohort of founders for this quarterly event. For $125, learn how to plan, achieve and measure exponential growth. A free strategic-planning template is included for all registrants as well as 30 min. of open Q&A with me. Only 20 slots each time, so register early and secure your spot.

“Lots of people have opinions in this industry. James has data.”

  Abraham Kamarck, True Made Foods

FREE WEBINAR Top 10 Mistakes CPG Founders Make

Free! Learn the top 10 most common mistakes new CPG founders continue to make (yikes!) that can cost you money, time, and even the existence of your business. Totally worth 30 minutes of your time. Contains material NOT included in my book.

FREE WEBINAR Third COVID-19 Pandemic Update and 2021 Outlook


This is my third webinar on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the consumer packaged goods industry. I go deeper on long-term social trends and how the pandemic has accelerated some of them. I also revisit the true category beneficiaries of the surge and how premium brands should respond moving forward into 2021.

“These insights are f#$%king awesome!”

“Great job today, super interesting.”