If you’ve never hired a business consultant for your CPG brand before,
please read my guide: PGS_Tips_On_Hiring_Consultants
I hope it helps you find just the right person.


Basic Strategic Planning Engagements – $12K


    • My clients gather key performance data on their company according to my specs (takes 2-4 days)
    • I review all materials sent by the company for topline and bottom-line trends
    • I conduct a half day of online and in-store market research to prepare a high-level competitive POV on the client’s offering
    • We conduct very basic consumer/market research (clients must have social media followings, customers lists large enough for this)

Pre-Session Dinner/Virtual Happy Hour

    • I always have dinner the night before our sessions not only to establish rapport, but to learn more about the personalities I’ll be communicating with the next day. I always tailor the pace and manner in which I consult to each team

1 -2 Day Planning Sessions

    • PGS Overview of Topline and Bottomline Performance
    • PGS POV on Client’s Competitive Situation and Ideal Consumer Audiences
    • Relevant Best Practices Share-Out
    • Discussion/Agreement on Revenue Goals
    • 4P Planning using Proprietary PGS Process
    • Unresolved Questions
    • Next Steps to Activate

Session Write-Up by PGS same day

1 month of quick e-mail follow-ups

TTL engagement length – 2 months

Additional perks for clients:

    • Free access to all online courses and webinars
    • Access to referrals within my professional CPG network of advisors, experts, agencies and investors
    • Access to PGS tip sheets (released as we dialogue)


Advanced Strategic Planning Sessions – $24-36K

    • Same as above, except for incorporation of professional consumer research on your repeat buyers and POS category analysis for added precision and strategic confidence
    • I generally insist on this approach for companies with seven figures of trailing annual revenue

TTL engagement length – 3 months


Advisory Retainers (for prior PGS clients only) $12- $24,000K

    • These 6-month retainers are designed as ongoing coaching/advisory relationships to keep the client organization disciplined and following the plan
    • Annual business reviews of top-line performance are included, using all available data and PGS best practice benchmarks
    • Scope may be customized for each client
    • I charge the maximum rate here to occupy independent Board seats for investor-backed companies