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Are YOU avoiding your numbers?

I have the privilege of advising some of the smartest entrepreneurs out there in CPG today. Yet, intelligence alone (IQ) does not prevent a founder or her team from literally becoming blind to very likely, but negative, interpretations of her brand's KPIs. Again and again

2021 Outlook for CPG : Elevated, but Return to Slow Growth

We have a solid handle now on the true baseline 'lift' caused in the CPG sector by the COVID-19 pandemic. And it looks nothing like the massive YoY $ surges we saw as the CPG tsunami crested in March. It's roughly around 8-12%, obviously higher

Sustained Repeat Purchase is Your Foundation

In Ramping Your Brand, I pound the pulpit about building and fueling a conversion funnel of trial/repeat to grow velocities. Buried within my text though, was an edited-out section on sustained repeat purchase—damn editors. So, I'm here to push you deeper to understand some basic

Don’t Get Too Excited About a Retailer’s Next Gen Store

This week Winn Dixie announced several 'modern' Winn Dixie stores inside the infrastructure of prior Lucky's and Earth Fare supermarkets they acquired. It's a reminder to remind YOU not to get over-excited about upgrades rapidly transforming the shopper base of downmarket retail banners. Retail shopper

Why Your 1-Page Strategic Plan is Lame

For years, I’ve talked about having a 1-Page Strategic Plan which contains your one-line competitive strategy and outlines the key playbook you are testing to drive exponential growth for your business. I even gave away my own template to another 20 folks last month at my