UPCOMING Q3 Riding the Ramp Training, July 19 – $199

This training is for founders in the early years who are new to the CPG industry and the art of planning early-stage growth. Planning is about embedding discipline in the company. The goal is to grow fast AND stay in business. It’s not about profit or riding unicorns. Join me for this quarterly training. And build annual planning into your culture from the start. NOTE: This event is for founders/owners new to running a brand. If you own an agency or are a fractional marketing executive, you will be screened out.

UPCOMING Top Tips to Master Scanner Data as a Founder, Aug 16

In this webinar, I share some top tips on how to master scanner data analytics as a busy founder who must learn how to measure your brand’s performance in an objective competitive context.

FREE WEBINAR – What Has Changed Since 2019?

* Deceleration of Natural/Organic Sales
* Major Shifts in the Competitive Context
* Requirements for New Startups
* The Skate Ramp Moving Ahead
* Q&A

FREE WEBINAR Top 10 Mistakes CPG Founders Make

Free! Learn the top 10 most common mistakes new CPG founders continue to make (yikes!) that can cost you money, time, and even the existence of your business. Totally worth 30 minutes of your time. Contains material NOT included in my book.

ON DEMAND  Pivoting Your Brand for Exponential Growth – $225

Unit velocities declining or flat? Some growing, others declining? You’ve probably wondered if you should pivot. Pivoting your business is a huge, terrifying decision. This paid webinar will guide you through a rigorous analytic process to guide this kind of decision that could save your business and send it up the Ramp of Exponential Growth.

  • Assessing Your UPC Mix and Positioning
  • Finding/Designing Hero UPCs
  • Shifting Sales Volume to new Hero UPCs
  • Monitor Progress and Delisting of Non-Strategic UPCs


FREE WEBINAR Understanding Channels for Premium Brands

This is an on-demand, data-driven exploration of how early-stage premium brand owners should think about key classes of retail trade, including DTC and e-commerce. It includes blinded, real-world case studies of premium brand velocities by channel to drive home the key points.