Top Three Traits of Killer Founders

“James provides insightful guidance to those who are working hard to start and scale their businesses.”

The following is a brief excerpt from Episode 100 of Startup Confidential! I didn’t think I’d make it to this milestone, honestly, at twice per month. Thanks for listening in.

“1) Auto-didacts – they learn new subjects quickly and facilely – this IS correlated to being just plain smart, but not any more than the top 10% of smarties

2) Humble about what they do not know – Gosh, it’s tough to learn if you’re a know-it-all. Killer founders understand their biggest weakness is knowledge asymmetry vs. the professional operator. They accept this and are constantly ready to admit newbie mistakes.

3) Curious – while humility is hard to measure, curiosity is not. Killer founders immediately ask questions to learn when humbled by something they now know they should have known all along (the difference between U/S/W and weighted velocity metrics)…”

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Dr. James Richardson

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