You Probably Worked This Weekend – It’s OK

Please take today off if you worked all weekend or part of the weekend on your business. 

This is a family and friends’ day. One of few that we all need to honor religiously.

I do. 

But I worked this weekend, too. I’m an entrepreneur, too, running two unrelated businesses – a consultancy and a small press. 

I’ve found that family cares less about 70-hour weeks than they do about you dishonoring family talk time and not committing to regular daily hang time. Being unpredictably unavailable is damaging to relationships. 

This post is not just for entrepreneurs who are parents. Even if you’re single, you should have weekly hang time with friends built-in, preferably in a recreational group. You can’t live in a business bubble.

Suppose you worked this weekend because it’s part of an established routine of specific hours carved out for this great. If you worked out of fear, anxiety, compulsion, or boredom this weekend, please reflect on why this is happening. This is super unproductive long-term and can create resentment from loved ones.

Enjoy our day off!

Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]