Pivoting the Right Way

The worst problem with the upcoming Expo East mega-event is not even the expense load for a small CPG brand to attend. The trade show environment pushes ‘new items’ as a major growth vehicle for brands that have existed for a few years. Buyers will absolutely ask you about your ‘new items’ if they’ve been to your booth before. The fallacy of growing by adding UPCs has caused many founders, especially the undisciplined who own their facilities, to fire out all sorts of UPCs to grow by launching. Ugh. 

How many times will you start your company before you commit?

Committing to a hero UPC is challenging because there is an enormous risk if you pick the wrong one. 

It’s much easier to play venture capitalist with your UPC mix and spread your bets, not over-committing to any set of them.

I outline in September’s issue of PGS Monthly –  how you should think about pivoting your UPC mix to one focused on a set of hero UPCs.  Take the quiz now, enter your contact information and you’ll be on the VIP list to receive monthly white-papers, semi-monthly e-mails on timely topics related to scaling premium consumer brands and more. (Note: Only open to founders.)

The process begins with actual sales data performance on your UPCs in the real world. You have to come to terms with what is moving on its own well vs. for which UPCs you personally have an attachment.

Pivoting is a disciplined, sometimes dramatic, scary process that follows data, not your heart.

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Dr. James Richardson

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