Are You Ready to Pivot?

It’s not uncommon for math-driven founders to agree as a team to pivot their business without spending enough time considering their emotional readiness as a team.

What might this emotional readiness consist of?

  • Have you and your co-founders sat down to deeply share your fears about pivoting in detail?
  • Are you prepared to convince your Board or investors of the wisdom of taking this risk? Do you know how to rehearse these kinds of conversations?

If you have not shared your fears in detail to rationally attack them and calculate the risks your unconscious mind has noticed, you may miss a critical issue that you can manage. For example, if you’re quietly afraid retailers will catch wind of what you’re doing, delist you, or put you on clearance without your consent, and your topline will dive…Stop. You need to take ‘ranting’ like this seriously by picking it apart and analyzing the real risk of these phantom disasters coming true. 

I’m launching a new paid training – Pivoting Your Brand for Exponential Growth this Wednesday. I’ll be discussing this issue as well.

Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]