What is this Riding the Ramp Training Thing?

I’ll explain. But before I do, there are less than 10 spots available for January’s Q1 cohort. So, you may want to grab one now

OK. For the rest of you reading this, this is my best explanation of why it matters for CPG founders new to the industry. 

  1. My book does not coach you on formulating a world-class competitive thesis. This course will teach you how to do it yourselves.
  2. This training teaches you how to think about forecasting for fast-growing businesses. It’s not about the 5th decimal point at all. It’s about very different revenue and supply chain assumptions to ensure you stay in business.
  3. This course is your DIY alternative to hiring me. I’m not claiming it’s a substitute, but realistically, most of you will not work with me. At least take the time to use this approach for your next annual planning effort.
  4. You get 30 minutes of open Q&A with me, a free review of your draft strategy statement, and a free PGS coffee coaster!

Boom. Grab a spot, or forward the link to a founder you know who is in need!

Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]