Tips on Working with Branding Agencies from a Pro

“How we first communicate with the world is the work we do with a branding agency” TJ McIntyre, CEO of Bobo’s

What are the core functions of a branding agency? Packaging and brand identity (Logo, trademark, characters/mascots, color schemes, and other brand symbolism) are the two specific areas of expertise. Brand identity is perhaps the most foundational because your product line has to have a name and some kind of repeatable look-and-feel for consumers to memorize

  1. No sacred cows- don’t get attached to your original brand symbolism- look-and-feel..get ready to change.
  2. Don’t push for hip/cool/artistic…because your actual audience may be vastly less pretentious, especially when shopping for ordinary CPG items!
  3. Insist on minimalistic and focused: remove everything until hit the bone
  4. Demand the agency principals work with you on the project.
  5. Bring direction and data to the table.

I too often see new founders rush to hire branding agencies for a ‘re-brand’ before they’ve done a) a solid diagnosis of business performance or b) the minimal data collection necessary to produce the competitive strategy that should be the primary input to any executional agency: here is our business strategy. Your work has to serve this end.

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Dr. James Richardson

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