Skate Ramp Brands Crushed the COVID-19 Pandemic

It sounds a bit too dramatic to be accurate, but it is. Since these are the brands I tend to work with the most, I have a robust set of case files. And here’s what it has taught me.

If you were a Skate Ramp brand before the pandemic, even with a shallow slope of 75% YOY growth, AND your velocities were growing month over month, when adjusted for distribution gains, here’s what happened. 

  1. You probably took a velocity hit in March/April 2020 
  2. but then went on to resume exponential growth on the back of half of 2020.

Here’s a blinded example with real quad week data:

This highly resilient performance was actual ­­even for brands not for sale on Amazon or via a DTC website

Well-designed brands with little to no immediate competition…

doing tough innovation, often technically tough…

at a premium price…

built via the happy stomachs of repeat purchasing fans who tell others ‘you must have this…’

Exponential growth, folks, is the best insurance policy against massive external shocks, which we now know can come twice in 15 years. And SARS-CoV-2 proved it to me.

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Dr. James Richardson

[email protected]