Holiday Course Discounts! Upskill for 2024 Now…

You are hearing this first because PGS fans like you come to the blog every week. Whether you are an investor, founder, or marketing lead, my brand management courses are uniquely tailored to the analytical needs of early-stage brands.

If you are growing fast, you must monitor and manage this growth. At the very least, you want to pace distribution gains to be only a part of your growth mix. Velocity gains must be driving the way forward. 

I put my online courses together to help anyone leading or advising early-stage brands to take the principles in my book and enact them in annual rituals of diagnosis and planning.

Holidays23 is the seasonal discount code expiring on Dec. 31! It’s good for all my courses AND my course Bundle. Save hundreds today and get access to rigorous training you need to manage your growth. No MBA program will teach you any of this because they honestly do not understand it. Nor will you learn this from any industry event because they don’t have 15 hours to put you through this training. And they also do not understand any of it.  Gift yourself professional development this holiday season.

Dr. James Richardson

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