Why You Need a Strategic Review, Not a Re-Brand : Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I explained why a branding update/tweak is, unfortunately, the go-to solution for too many founders when the business does not perform to expectations, stagnant, or declining. It's literally as easy as the next packaging run and a web update.

Tips on Working with Branding Agencies from a Pro

"How we first communicate with the world is the work we do with a branding agency" TJ McIntyre, CEO of Bobo's What are the core functions of a branding agency? Packaging and brand identity (Logo, trademark, characters/mascots, color schemes, and other brand symbolism) are the

Are YOU avoiding your numbers?

I have the privilege of advising some of the smartest entrepreneurs out there in CPG today. Yet, intelligence alone (IQ) does not prevent a founder or her team from literally becoming blind to very likely, but negative, interpretations of her brand's KPIs. Again and again

2021 Outlook for CPG : Elevated, but Return to Slow Growth

We have a solid handle now on the true baseline 'lift' caused in the CPG sector by the COVID-19 pandemic. And it looks nothing like the massive YoY $ surges we saw as the CPG tsunami crested in March. It's roughly around 8-12%, obviously higher

Sustained Repeat Purchase is Your Foundation

In Ramping Your Brand, I pound the pulpit about building and fueling a conversion funnel of trial/repeat to grow velocities. Buried within my text though, was an edited-out section on sustained repeat purchase—damn editors. So, I'm here to push you deeper to understand some basic

Don’t Get Too Excited About a Retailer’s Next Gen Store

This week Winn Dixie announced several 'modern' Winn Dixie stores inside the infrastructure of prior Lucky's and Earth Fare supermarkets they acquired. It's a reminder to remind YOU not to get over-excited about upgrades rapidly transforming the shopper base of downmarket retail banners. Retail shopper

Why Your 1-Page Strategic Plan is Lame

For years, I’ve talked about having a 1-Page Strategic Plan which contains your one-line competitive strategy and outlines the key playbook you are testing to drive exponential growth for your business. I even gave away my own template to another 20 folks last month at my

Why Are My Velocities So Unstable?

Many new CPG founders get very concerned at the highly unstable, week-to-week velocities and month-month sell-in volumes for their product lines. The fear is heightened once you are inside a major chain. I get it. But, here's the thing. This is completely normal. It's like

Top 3 Reasons E-Commerce Brands Need to Study Their Retail Competition

E-commerce sales have more than doubled across most consumer categories during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Some e-commerce consumer brands will soon want to enter physical retail to find the next wave of consumers. The problem is that most pure-play e-commerce brands aren’t ready for retail because many