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The Single Biggest Marketing Mistake Founders Make

Spending a lot of money to use expensive tactics that don’t work in Phase 1 because absolutely no one knows who you are…at all. It may infuriate you to know, but traditional, highly efficient, big gun marketing tactics like advertising actually won’t work without a) decent

Network Above Your Peers For Competitive Advantage

The reality is that you have to network way, way beyond your peers, to gain social advantage in any industry or community that does not have formal mentoring embedded in it. Some examples of the latter are architecture, the law, and medicine…most highly regulated professions

Pivoting the Right Way

The worst problem with the upcoming Expo East mega-event is not even the expense load for a small CPG brand to attend. The trade show environment pushes 'new items' as a major growth vehicle for brands that have existed for a few years. Buyers will

How Velocity Growth Steepens the Ramp

It is possible to double your store count every year in an exponential ramp up of distribution. If your product is good, you will achieve a stable (i.e., not declining) velocity plateau. Great. You’re doing better than many brands.  This will still appear ‘slow’ to the

Why You Need to Manage Your Narcissism

I’m not a clinical psychologist; let’s be clear. That said, entrepreneurs do tend to skew strongly toward narcissistic behavior (in the latest research). This is a learned pattern of interpreting social life in a constant source of positive feedback. That’s how I see it as

You Probably Worked This Weekend – It’s OK

Please take today off if you worked all weekend or part of the weekend on your business.  This is a family and friends’ day. One of few that we all need to honor religiously. I do.  But I worked this weekend, too. I’m an entrepreneur, too, running two

Analyzing Against the Scanner Data Grain

Most new CPG founders with an omnichannel or brick retail focus have heard people talking about SPINS data, Nielsen data, etc. One reason is that this is the data that elite sales teams demand to manage their accounts and mess with buyers’ heads.  But did you

Your Thing Can Work, But Maybe Not the Way You Started

Kara Goldin loves to recount her tale of being laughed at and mocked by ex-Pepsi executives when she discussed selling non-carbonated flavored water. "That'll never work. No one will ever make it for you. Not scalable." These were the knee-jerk operational objections she heard from a mansplaining

The Velocity Continuum at Retail

"Why did I get delisted at some stores and am growing velocities at other stores? Shouldn't my performance be similar in one metro area?" Well, no. No, not at all. New founders often experience the velocity continuum and get overly worried. It's basically a universal function for

Top Three Traits of Killer Founders

“James provides insightful guidance to those who are working hard to start and scale their businesses.” The following is a brief excerpt from Episode 100 of Startup Confidential! I didn’t think I’d make it to this milestone, honestly, at twice per month. Thanks for listening in. "1)