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Business Acumen…What to Do If You Didn’t Go to B-School

Here’s a sneak preview of my upcoming podcast interview with Prof. Tom Eisenmann of Harvard Business School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, author of Why Startups Fail. Airing in June on Startup Confidential – available on all major podcast platforms. Believe it or not, founders with prior business operating experience DO

What to Do When Target Calls

I wrote a white paper almost four years ago on this topic, and most of it holds true still, four years later. Target is rarely a place you want to launch because you are very unlikely to be capitalized to spread nationally when the test

The Irony of the Pre-Pandemic Trade Show

If you heard my recent podcast, you heard me opine on the future of trade shows as true industry events. There is a burning need to re-design these retailer-centric events better for the benefit of manufacturers and brands. Standing in cages for 8 hours hoping

Memorability: Does Your Brand Have It?

Memorability. It's the most critical growth pillar for premium CPG brands. Why? Because you don't have the cash, credibility, or sales network with which to leap to 80% ACV in mere months. So, how do you enhance it? Design a superbly positioned innovation at the head of

The Problem With Growing Too Slowly

Although I caution against chasing unicorns, this is not meant to validate any brand's growth rate being in the single digits, YoY. This slow growth rate may be in line with the premium CPG sector overall, and it may be much faster than commodity brands

The Majority of Serial Entrepreneurs ‘Fail’ with Their Second Venture

Wow. I knew it was bad, but not this bad. Where did I get this figure? From my early reading of Why Startups Fail? By Tom Eisenmann. In the book, he mentions research that indicates only about 22% of serial entrepreneurs’ second ventures succeed (i.e., succeed in making more money for early investors than was

Your Margin is Calling

Your margin is calling. But which one? Gross? Net? Retailer? Distributor? Oh my, this math is annoying. Especially in routes-to-market reliant on 3P distribution. Although most new founders focus on their own wholesale price and NOT on any of the ‘prices’ up the value chain to the shelf, where

Seven Reasons (At Least) that You Need a Strategic Plan

Look, would you climb a 14,000 foot mountain without vetting your optimal route given current weather conditions or making sure you have the right supplies and physical training?   Would you go on a 200 mile bike ride without planning your route, bringing spare tubes, and knowing how much food and

Post As If You're Pitching

Post As if You’re Pitching

I have watched one entrepreneur with a very strong product line (and even strong velocity growth) more or less alienate any and all nodes of influence beyond his retail buyers with his needless, online ranting. How? Through unnecessary personal attacks on social media, especially LinkedIn. It’s one